Shape a new lifestyle!

Hello, active people from all over the world!

We would like to introduce ourselves with a few words that we consider to best describe this project and its team: Dedication, determination, love for health, for the idea of a balanced lifestyle and obviously, love for people.

So you're probably wondering what we're doing, right? It’s simple, we meet people from all over the world online or offline. Whatever the goal, place or time, we share a final purpose. Every challenge we have to overcome in our day to day live, makes us stronger, united, and more eager for physical and mental health. We like to believe that the secret for a better life, a healthier one, is determination. But obviously, it doesn't come at the same time for every person. Motivation exists inside us, but sometimes the context, the emotions, life itself, stop us
What we consider very important in approaching an action for a healthier, more balanced life, is the connection between people. It is not the workouts that stop you, nor their intensity, your time or the place where you are. What you are looking for when you want to workout is: motivation, compassion, a higher level connection with your trainer, in which the priority is your life, your time spent with the loved ones, your comfort.

So our team designed Pryme, an online and offline training platform, where all your obstacles or excuses for approaching a healthier life, will all be, one by one, covered. We meet people from all over, on their vacation, on business trips, in their day to day lives, creating meaningful connections. You have the freedom to choose the option that works best for you: live online workouts, with your coach fully connected with you during the entire workout, or offline training, allowing you to manage the workouts yourself at your will.

We also understand the importance of a personal trainer, one who is there for you, to motivate you, to push your limits and to guide you on the most appropriate paths to a healthy life. The coach is also your advisor and psychologist, he must understand your condition, adapt your training accordingly.

In the end, whether we are talking about online or offline training, the sessions will be adapted to you. The results will come whether you’re working out at home, in the gym, on a beach during your vacation, in the morning or evening. Your well-being, energy, your mental and emotional state will definitely feel a difference.

In the Pryme team we have 4 coaches: Emily, Flavia, Robert and Vlad. All four of them have experience in personal training, so they will know how to guide you in this online or offline experience. The connection with you is all that matters to us.
So, in big words, this is us, the Pryme team. A project created when everyone lost their hope in the possibility of still having a healthy life in their own homes. We encourage you to take that extra step, to overcome the condition in which you do not feel good about yourself, you do not believe in yourself, and train with us.