Your subscription will include:

✔Offline personalized training sessions
✔Offline warm-up and stretching sessions
✔Offline posture sessions
✔Nutritional guidelines and advice
✔Monitoring and feedback
✔Monthly reevaluation
✔Motivational counseling

Home Offline Trainings

Did you know that the gym and your personal trainer can be in your living room at any time? With the bare minimum, offline workouts at home have become increasingly popular among people who do not have the time to get in the gym or perform online sessions. Whether you choose the trainer you want to train with, or train with all 4 of our coaches, we come to your aid with a personalized offline training package that will guide you with quick steps towards your goal.

Time has become just an excuse!

Offline Diastasis Recti

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a multitude of physical, mental and behavioral changes.
This subscription comes in the help of new moms and not only, with special attention paid to each one, in solving this condition.
The training sessions are adapted according to the health condition, doctor's indications and our recommendations. Recovery will be closely monitored, and the workouts updated according to progress.

Offline Prenatal /Postnatal Workouts

A physical exercise routine during pregnancy helps you to:
✔ Optimally oxygenate the placenta.
✔ Soften contractions.
✔ Relieve back pain or tension in the hips.
✔ You recover easily postpartum.
Exercises in the postnatal period are also very important and have the following benefits:
✔ Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles.
✔ Boosts energy and improves your sense of wellbeing.
✔ Help prevent postpartum depression.
✔ Promotes better sleep and relieves stress.

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